Healthcare M&A Predictions, Take Two: Under Biden & Post-COVID-19

Healthcare M&A Predictions, Take Two: Under Biden & Post-COVID-19

Last July just as the world was about to reopen and fallout from months of lost revenue was about to descend, we polled our extensive network to see what the future held for hospital mergers and acquisitions.

Who would be buying? Who would be selling? How would a previously active M&A landscape change in light of the pandemic? And might the looming election shift power from one side of the aisle to the other, leading to significant regulatory or legislative changes?

You can see what our experts said then.

So, what do they say now?

Glad you asked. Because we did too.

We checked back with several of our prognosticators, along with a few other players in the legal, financial, strategic planning and management consulting sectors, asking them four questions:


  • Are deals going to be harder to do now?
  • When thinking about getting a deal done, what is one consideration particularly important for moving things forward from the perspective of the buyer and the sellers?
  • When will we see the pace of hospital deals pick up?
  • Regarding that last one…Why?


As before, we’ve condensed the answers into a few themes, but the full verbatim can be found below the summary.

David Shifrin